Abdul Hamid Al Firdaus, TFT-RCT

Abdul Hamid Al Firdaus, TFT-RCT

Full Description

TFT Algo-Level Trainer, NLP Master Trainer, Targeted Management, Photo Reading Trainer, Hypnotherapist

Senior training specialist, TFT algo-level trainer, targeted management, Photo Reading trainer, NLP Inlpta certified trainer, Ianlpa fellow master trainer

I treat people from all over the world, some come to my home clinic, some over the phone. I have 28 years experience,and I use mostly TFT to cleanse previous issues that clients have,and I use NLP to program their minds with their approval to achieve out comes techniques as I am an NLP master trainer to add in chips of hope, confidence, positive self image etc…

I also use hypnotherapy to program the positive changes I made, and to cleanse negative memories… I also use hypnosis and my exposure to local and foreign cultures to ease that.

I have 28 years of local, international experiences dealing with all kinds of issues in different cultures with ease, mercy, intuition, professionalism in wide fields, soccer, school, traumas, ocd, phobias, cancer, etc, using TFT, NLP, hypnosis.

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