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Mind over Matters – Powerful techniques, powerful outcomes

Our feelings are a reflection of our thoughts. When we don’t like what we are feeling, we need to change the thought.

You don’t have to be female to change your mind – you just have to know how

Alison Blair brings many years of experience and training to her practise here in the Algarve.

Her impressive array of qualifications is a testament to her dedication and drive. Although initially practising as a traditional Psychologist and Counsellor, Alison has always taken an interest in progressive therapeutic approaches, and has constantly broadened and updated her skills. This experience and knowledge enables Alison to rapidly address a wide range of issues.

Would you like to be totally free of emotional distress?

Take control of your life and your health?

Conquer your fears, phobias or addictions?

Be completely over a traumatic event or loss?

Would you like to create a positive future for you and those you love?

If you’ve been unable to make the changes necessary to achieve the life you want 

START changing your approach now because YOU DESERVE IT

Alison firmly believes that if you want something with a passion, you can make it happen.  She is able to assist you to make the necessary changes that enable you to succeed.

If you want to lose weight, become a non-smoker, conquer fears or phobias, increase self confidence, eradicate self-restricting limitations, develop empowering behaviours, improve sports performance, improve personal effectiveness or simply learn how to attain an abundance of Health, Wealth & Happiness, take the first step now by calling or emailing Alison now.

Alison holds clinics throughout the Algarve, and home visits are available by arrangement.


(+351) 964951570