Anete Forsdal Halvorsen, TFT-VT

Anete Forsdal Halvorsen, TFT-VT

Full Description

I was born in the south part of Norway called Telemark in May 1966. I have always been very interested in humans well being, healthy food and I love animals and the nature.

I worked as a hairdresser from 1980 until 1994 and felt very comfortable interacting with people in a one to one situation.

Inside of me I always had a wish to help people with their missory, but I didn’t know how. I wrote a lot of articles about religion, healthy food, vegetarian cooking, but first of all about children’s position in the modern society and their well being.

I married Stein in 1988. We had 3 children, 2 girls and a boy. Stein was working with telephone systems and I chose to be home taking care of the children when number 3 arrived. It was a wonderful time taking care of the children and having time to read and write.

Early 2001 a dramatic change in our life took place. Our youngest daughter was struck by an anxiety attack. Suddenly she was afraid of everything and we couldn’t be out of her site. This was the start of a very tough time for her and the whole family, but it also happened to be the start of a new life for us, leading us into contact with TFT and its life changing power.

That period showed up to be the most educating and valuable time in my life so far. Our daughter recovered from her problems thanks to TFT and today she is free as a bird. I as a mother experienced how I could reduce my own stress in a difficult situation and it turned out to be the beginning of my journey towards helping other people.

I did my algorithm training early in 2002 and together with my husband we started our own practice and we have been working full-time with TFT since then. It has been a marvelous time being able to help people with all sorts of problems, but for me working with children is the most important issue.

In August 2006 I got the opportunity having the VT training with Dr. Roger Callahan and a new dimension of TFT was revealed to me. I will use this opportunity to thank him for his discoveries and his non-resting work developing TFT and sharing this marvelous tool and his knowledge with me. I would also like to thank Joanne Callahan for her support and enthusiasm that I will bring with me in my future work.

We share the same goal.. you can callĀ +47 35 55 03 30