Angela Cartland TFT-DX

An integrative health approach to counselling featuring body-mind therapies

Angela Cartland TFT-DX

Full Description

Since 2005 I have worked with clients in my capacity as a fully trained and qualified counsellor, who has also studied TFT and Energy Psychology.  Since the advent of mindfulness-based behaviour therapies, which are strongly supported by research and are widely accepted in psychology, it has been easier to introduce and explain TFT to colleagues and clients alike.

One of the many things tapping does is to promote mindfulness and make it possible for people who normally live in their heads to get in touch with their body, emotions, and spirit.  Even sceptics who do not believe in the existence of an energy system can see the benefit of a body-based experiential therapy that works on so many levels.  The number of EFT studies published in peer-reviewed psychology journals grows each year.  In another exciting development, kinesiology training here in Australia is now nationally accredited and undertaking this has enabled me to become licensed to muscle test my clients and to treat health as well as psychological issues.

It is exciting to me that in psychology and in complementary medicine integration is now becoming the key idea.  Integration of body and mind, of left and right hemispheres, of emotion and reason.  Acceptance is also very powerful – all successful treatment requires clients to first contact their issue in an accepting way and not be overwhelmed by it.  This is very frightening for many people to do but tapping makes it safe.  For those that are actually blocked or reversed by their fear, reversal treatments do a brilliant job in clearing the way, gently and powerfully.

I work with a large range of clients and have done some specialised work with those suffering with addictions (particularly gambling) and phobias (especially dental/medical phobia).  I have had advanced training in trauma counselling and have worked with many clients struggling with PTSD.  There have also been many who simply needed help dealing with major life transitions, difficult relationships, work problems, or simply STRESS.  I do short-term and long term work and will generally run the first session in a very client-centred way, with lots of active listening and exploration, to build a good relationship and start getting to really know the client, before moving on, where needed, to active interventions such as tapping.