Aseem Gjestad Uglefot – TFT-Algo

Aseem Gjestad Uglefot - TFT-Algo

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Aseem Gjestad Uglefot

Reg Thought Field Therapist (ATFT), acredited healer MNHa is trained in Private Subconscious Healing (PSH), NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming). She is Thought Field Therapist (TFT-Algo) and is trained in Osho Breath work at Osho Commune in Pune, India. She did The Work by Byron Katie training at The School in Germany. She is a Usui Reiki Master and Grand Master in Tibetan Reiki. She is Initiated two Usui Reiki that Satya Reiki Communion in Poona, India, by the Japanese monk Mr. Shingo. She Initiated two Grand Master in Tibetan Reiki by Swami Adheesh from India. She is also trained in Tachyon (level II), Quality of One (level II), Palm reading and massage. She has a strong intuition and ability to “see”.

Aseem finished in Bachelor degree in Business and Administration in 1988. She worked as a Marketing / Sales / Product manager in two international companies. Since 1998 she has worked full time as a therapist / coach and giving courses. In her work she combines NLP, Hypnotherapy, Voice Dialogue, The Work, Breath therapy, PSH, Time Line Therapy as well as other methods from Eastern and Western traditions therapy.

Thought Field Therapy (TFT-Algo)
Private Subcoscius Healing (PSH/SRP) – Hypnotherapy
NLP Master and Advanced, life-coach
The Phil Parker LightningProcess
Core Transformation
The Work by Byron Katie
Osho Breath Work
Usui Reiki Master, Tibetan Reiki Gran Master
Palm reading, intuitive reading

Member of the Norwegian Association for Hom√łopraktiker