Carine Barco, TFT-ADV

Bilingual French & English

Carine Barco, TFT-ADV
TFT trainer

Full Description

Carine works with people passionate about well-being and self-development, as well as coaches and therapists, being a trainer and supervisor. Her approach is integrative and makes use of TFT as well as other energy psychology and systemic approaches. She is a TFT trainer in France. One of her specialties is enteropsychology: the impact of toxins and digestive health on vitality, mood and behavior.

All of her work is in service to humanity for more consciousness, presence, alignment, freedom, grounding, expansion and inner power.

CARINE BARCO, Bilingual French & English, on Zoom Psycho-Energetic Therapist (TFT, AIT, EFT, FasterEFT, Logosynthesis), Family and Couple Counselor, Coach CREATOR, Author, Trainer & Supervisor

Paris, France
Instagram: @carinebarco


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