Christopher G. Semmens, TFT-Adv

Christopher G. Semmens, TFT-Adv

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Christopher G. Semmens, M App Psych; BSc; B Psych; Dip Clin Hyp; TFT-Adv, Wembley, Australia

Anxiety, panic, fear and traumatic stress affect a significant percentage of the population.

Often times your presenting problem can be a result of underlying, unresolved life experiences.

Has there been any significant loss in your life? Any significant trauma? Any significant disruption? Is there anything else you think I should know?

I’ll ask you these questions in our first consultation.

I’ll give you some very effective strategies to deal with your presenting problem and together we’ll work out the cause with the view to resolving your emotional distress as quickly and painlessly as possible.

I’m Christopher Semmens. I operate a private practice called the Anxiety and Panic Centre. We are based in Perth Western Australia with an office in West Perth and another at the St John of God Medical Centre in Murdoch, but given today’s modern technology, with access to a computer and the telephone, we are able to assist you wherever you are.

Through this site you can access information on private consultations, skype or telephone consultations, training courses, home study programmes and mail order products that will help you to achieve a happier, more fulfilled life.

While I have thorough and comprehensive training in many clinical psychology modalities including rational emotive behaviour therapy (REBT); cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT); hypnotherapy and mindfulness meditation techniques, since 1997 I have most often used Thought Field Therapy (TFT) as a first-line or mainstay approach to my work because of the efficiency in achieving outcomes.

I continue to utilise effective strategies from these conventional clinical psychology modalities – particularly the philosophical orientation of Albert Ellis’ REBT.

Christopher Semmens
Clinical Psychologist

MAppPsych; BSc; BPsych;
DipClinHyp; TFTdx

Christopher Semmens is a clinical psychologist with over 20 years experience. His background is diverse, including work within the prison system; with Aboriginal children in residential childcare; in educational settings; and private practice.

With the formation of the Association for Thought Field Therapy (ATFT) in the past few years, Christopher was invited to be a charter and life member.

In recent years, Christopher has specialised in the treatment of traumatic stress, achieving remarkable outcomes in most cases. He also treats most other forms of emotional distress and psychological disturbance.

It has been Christopher’s career long pursuance of excellence and efficiency in psychotherapy practice that eventually led him to Dr. Roger Callahan and Thought Field Therapy (TFT). He has a strong commitment to establishing TFT as an evidence based psychotherapy technique.

Christopher Semmens has trained with Dr Roger Callahan, the originator of TFT on six occasions since 1998.

Currently undertaking PhD research into TFT and Trauma

Approved Algorithm Level Trainer.

Level of TFT Training:
TFT Diagnostic Levels A, B, C
Advanced TFT & Clinical HRV

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