Cliff Daultrey, TFT-ADV, MIIR

Cliff Daultrey, TFT-ADV, MIIR

Full Description

Cliff has 30 years experience in alternative health disciplines, is fully insured to practice and is a member of The British Complementary Medicine Association. Initially he trained as a reflexologist with the ‘International Institute of Reflexology’ using ‘The Ingham Method’. Realising that many clients were experiencing emotion distress , he trained at The Bach Centre as a Bach Flower Practitioner.

He later became aware of a gentle therapy called ‘The Bowen Technique’ that addressed many physical conditions e.g. tennis elbow, frozen shoulder, back pain, TMJ problems etc. which left the client feeling very relaxed and at ease. He enrolled and trained with Julian Baker at ‘The European College of Bowen Studies’ and trained to advanced level as a Bowen Practitioner.

TFT has transformed many peoples lives by eliminating their fears, traumasĀ  and negative emotions providing a rapid resolution of most psychological problems and more recently Cliff has trained to advanced level with Roger Callahan the originator of Thought Field Therapy (TFT).

Cliff is trained as a TFT Practitioner in Algorithm Level , Diagnostic Testing and Voice Technology which enables him to treat some clients using TFT over the phone.

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