Dawn Campbell

Dawn Campbell

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Master Coach, Holistic Health Educator, Living Foods Practitioner, Chef, Teacher, Author, Thought Field Therapist, Reiki offers Natural Alternative Health Retreat in rural France.

Programs include Virtual Home Detox; Lose 14lb in 14 days Raw Vegan Weight Loss and more…

I’m a health coach, holistic practitioner, workshop leader, retreat host, author in waiting and founder of this holistic health resource. I’m passionate about living a life with vibrant health. Wellness is my business. So whatever your current health issue, I aim to encourage you to get passionate about getting your health back on track too!

As a health educator and expert in my own health, I’m able to add huge value to clients who want to become an expert in their own health.

This site is dedicated to supporting fellow health seekers live a more vibrant, happier, healthier, sexier, confident life by taking back responsibility for their own lives.