Diane Beck – MBTFTA -TFT-Algo

Diane Beck - MBTFTA -TFT-Algo

Full Description

Phobia, Trauma and Anxiety Specialist. Also treats many other issues such as smoking cessation, PTSD, Weight issues and more…

Many people live with issues and believe they are either beyond help or that they may need years of therapy. Now, groundbreaking treatments are available to everyone and it’s changing the way therapy is viewed in the UK. As an experienced and compassionate Therapist and Wellness Coach, Diane Beck is dedicated to helping people make dramatic, positive improvements in their lives.

Business performance strategies and sports attitudes can be improved and fears, phobias, emotional issues, traumas and more, can be permanently eliminated using 100% drug-free methods that are quick, effective and safe. Read the testimonials or watch the videos and see what recent clients have had to say about my groundbreaking combination of psychotherapy treatments!

“My passion is treating the mind and body of my clients, using the best psychotherapy techniques, and energy therapies available!”

As an NLP practitioner using Hypnosis in Manchester and London, Low Level Laser Therapy, Time-Line Therapy and Kinesiology for toxin testing, means a whole range of issues including behaviour patterns or emotional problems that you feel might be compromising your success, can be dramatically improved or usually eliminated using a bespoke combination of disciplines. The modern therapies now available are cutting the time it takes to feel the difference you need. By using Skype video call for online therapy to reach you anywhere in the world, a profound change in the way you can receive help is a click away.

TFT’s Toxin test and clearing procedure, which uses kinesiology muscle-testing technique, is available for discovering foods or substances that are ‘toxic’ to your system, which can otherwise upset balance and impede performance. Contact me for more information on how my bespoke coaching techniques can help you.