Dinah Jane Walton,TFT-Algo

Dinah Jane Walton,TFT-Algo

Full Description

I am a registered clinical hypnotherapist based in Cambridge who offers treatments for a
wide variety of physical, emotional and psychological difficulties. As well as traditional hypnotherapy I am also trained in cognitive behavioural hypnotherapy (CBT).

Hypnosis has been shown to help with a wide variety of common problems. It is a gentle, yet powerful technique. Gentle because hypnotherapy treats every patient as a unique human being with specific and very personal needs and goals. Powerful because hypnotherapy harnesses the particular individual’s greatest resource, themselves. Hypnosis taps into this reservoir of information, strength, wisdom and creativity.

Hypnosis is regarded with suspicion by some, but is in fact an entirely natural process which is commonly experienced in everyday life. We often forget the details of a familiar journey because there are more important things on our mind than the mechanics of simply getting there. Similarly, we may become so absorbed in a TV programme, a film, a book or a piece of music that we are unaware of our surroundings. Our attention is so focused on the pleasant experience that we blot out all distractions. We may say we were “entranced”.

In hypnotic trance, that natural ability to focus attention can be harnessed for therapeutic purposes, to deal with problems and to increase confidence and general well being.

Many symptoms are simply the best solution your system has yet been able to come up with to deal with your problem. In hypnotherapy we can find a better, more appropriate, more effective answer. Therapist and patient work together towards specific and achievable goals.

In addition to hypnotherapy I have completed a Callahan Techniques ® approved Algorithm training and also offer Thought Field Therapy, a very powerful and quick technique for dealing with all sorts of difficulties.