Dorinda Rodrigues TFT-ADV, Trainer

TFT Trainer

Dorinda Rodrigues TFT-ADV, Trainer

Full Description

– Business Consulting – Business Coach and Life Coaching

– Expertise Coaching International Training;

– Certified Coachs Federation;

– Level II (FR) / Level VI (EUR) Personal and Professional Coach

– Reiki Master,

– Expert consultant of the “law of attraction”

– Facilitator “Access Bars®” e “Access Body®”,

– Thought Field Therapy TFT (Thought Field Therapy):

* Optimal Health  Practitioner

* Agorithms and Diagnostic trainer

– Therapist Bio Energetic Synchronization System (B.E.S.T),

– Master Practitioner em “Neuro-Linguistic Programming” (NLP)

– Certified trainer of Napoleon Hill’s “Laws of Success”

– Founder of “Rods Success Mastery Institute®”


But perhaps it is not necessary to indicate everything since I am focused on the coaching, the TFT and the formation of the “laws of the Success of Napoleon Hill”.


Which led me to make this choice:

First by curiosity, then to have experienced it on myself (treatment of phobia snakes). Then I treated my sick dog who no longer ate, did not move. Three different vets gave me as a prognosis “more than for a few days to live”. At the time I was not ready to let my dog go. I practiced with my husband, together, the TFT on him and he was spectacularly put back so early, as if he had never been sick. He lived another year and a half longer, in the joy and happiness of his masters.

Since then, every day I am amazed by this technique. I practice it as well with patients as with coaching people working on their goals.

I can say that in my life, there was a before and after TFT.

Avenida D. João II, 50 – Edificio Mar Vermelho

Telefone 00351 967 633 330


00351 967 633 330



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