Dr Marie Green

Dr Marie Green

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Dr Green found TFT in the early 90’s and was amazed at how results were easily produced even in the most difficult issues. She worked in ER doing crisis and trauma intervention then on medical/oncology and coronary care units where stress was the norm. TFT helps in so many different issues.

Now she works in private practice and has found the application of TFT with the addition of specialized holistic protocols can help in cases where people have tried many different things and failed. “I am heartened when I work with severely traumatized crime victims and see them heal in a few sessions instead of a few years. I get so happy when I show someone how we can turn off their pain and show them how to do it so they can have a quality of life again. TFT makes so many good things possible and I believe this training is best I ever received in all my years of practice simply because its easy and it works almost all of the time in almost all of the cases!”




5582 South 1750 East, Ogden, Utah 84403


Dr Marie Green is board-certified in clinical social work and neurofeedback, with over 25 years of direct practice in schools, hospitals, clinics, community. She is trained in traumatology and has field experience in disaster work.

She is a certified trainer in Energy Psychology and specifically, Thought Field Therapy. She is adept in using BSFF, EFT, TFT, TAT and transpersonal gestalt methods to eliminate trauma and negative emotions. She is an author, researcher and trainer and her trainings empower you to enhance the total quality and vitality of your life.

Therapies include:

– Eliminate panic attacks, anxiety, trauma and nightmares;
– Eliminate bipolar cycling and stabilize mood;
– HEG Neurofeedback for treatment of head injuries;
ADD/ADHD, strokes, depression and anxiety;
– Neuroscenar therapy to eliminate pain and dysfunction.

Trainings include:

– Energy psychology for families;
– Thought Field Therapy for professionals;
– Bipolar Stabilization for Life Balance;
– Nutritional Influences on Emotional Health;
– Destressing and Brain Brightening;
– Performance Anxiety Elimination;
– Peak Performance Enhancement;
– ADHD Relief and Nutrition that Matters;
– Trauma Relief for Crisis Responders