Dr. Rick Moses, PhD, LMFT, TFT-VT

Dr. Rick Moses, PhD, LMFT, TFT-VT

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Dr. Rick Moses, Ph.D., is licensed as a Marriage and Family Therapist and is a Nationally Certified Psychologist (NAMP).

His doctorate is in Marriage and Family Counseling and he has done extensive post-doctorate studies in Health Psychology. He has two Master degrees: one in Biblical Counseling and another in Professional Counseling. Dr. Moses has experience not only as a professional psychotherapist but as a Christian minister and counselor as well.

He holds numerous certifications, including Board Certified Pain Management Practitioner, Hypnotherapy, Certification in neuro- (EEG) Biofeedback, and Certified Tobacco Addiction Counselor-Advanced Clinical Practitioner.

He is a Licensed Scientific Investigator of the Institute of Technical Energy Medicine, using Resonant Field Imaging.

Registered Certified Trainer (RCT)

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Los Fresnos, Texas

Approved Algorithm Level Trainer 
Level of TFT Training: TFT Diagnostic Levels A,B,C, VT


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