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Fern Wolf TFT ADV

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I feel very blessed and privileged to have Thought Field Therapy as a primary technique in my health practice.  I was certified in 2013 by Joanne Callahan at the level of TFT-Adv Optimal Health.  I have witnessed miracles with my clients working with them in person and over the telephone or skype while addressing a wide range of problems chronic and acute.

We are energy beings and once we transform the blocks which prevent us from experiencing our true nature then healing at all levels is able to occur.

I have been a holistic health practitioner since 1999 working in the Toronto, Ontario area and I incorporate the following technologies in my practice to help identify excesses, deficiencies, imbalances and resistance and to track the progress in the human energy system after the application of various healing protocols:

  • Bio-Well otherwise known as Gas Discharge Visualization or Electrophotonic Imaging Device – Dr. Konstantin Korotkov – www.bio-well.com
  • HRV – Heart Rate Variability
  • Discovery –  Meridian Bio-Feedback Technology – Dr. David Pollen

In 2012  I was introduced to an amazing self-healing methodology called Source Energy Medicine which is a simple, safe, effective, free and universally available label technology that only requires clean water and a clear container and specially designed charging remedy labels.  To learn more about this go to www.sourceenergymedicine.com or contact me for a specific remedy protocol.

Other energy technologies I practice include:

I use many of these tools to assist our animal friends as well.

I am very grateful to the following people who have provided me with the tools to help me assist those who find me to raise their consciousness, experience optimal health and to embrace their oneness with Source.

  • Roger and Joanne Callahan – Thought Field Therapy
  • Stephen Pollitt – Source Energy Medicine
  • Dr. Masuro Emoto – Messages in Water
  • Darryl Gurney – Psych-k,  Holoenergetics,  Shadow Energetics
  • Dr. Milton T. Morter Jr. – B.E.S.T. Bioenergetic Syncronization Technique
  • Kevin Trudeau and my GIN friends – Your Wish is Your Command
  • Richard Bartlett – Matrix Energetics
  • Eric Pearl – Reconnective Healing

I feel very blessed to be able to offer training on the incredible life changing tools offered through TFT at the Algorithm level and the Causal Diagnosis level with the Boot Camp program.

The students are transformed at the end of two days as they learn the process step by step and work on their own challenges.  Class participants witness firsthand profound improvement with this simple tool.  Thank you Roger and Joanne for bringing this to the world.

I am in the process of applying to do volunteer work using Thought Field Therapy through Vitanova a non-profit foundation in Ontario who assist youth who have addictions. www.vitanova.ca

Comments from students who have taken the TFT Boot Camp with Fern:

  • Highly effective
  • Very satisfied with the program and what it can do
  • Surprised with the results
  • Offers critical tools
  • Plenty of hands on for skill building
  • Important for wellbeing and providing personal solutions
  • It’s amazing
  • Hands on with instruction assisting
  • Amazing to do every day
  • Good for practical and personal issues
  • Great learning experience
  • Fern is knowledgeable, patient and has a great approach with students
  • Got to practice on personal issues
  • The training was fully comprehensive and amazing
  • By muscle testing we can identify all the areas of problems:  psychological reversals, causal diagnosis,
  • Collar bone breathing and algorithms very powerful
  • Fern is knowledgeable and experienced
  • TFT is a very powerful modality to help people in many ways
  • I will practice in my therapy continuously.  The clients will see more results with their issues and learn to apply on themselves.
  • I will highly recommend this training to other people
  • Practical hands on
  • The healing you will get personally in itself is worth it

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