Guido Terzaghi – TFT-ALGO

Overcome Fears, Traumas Anxiety And All Emotional Issues With Thought Field Therapy (TFT)

Guido Terzaghi - TFT-ALGO

Full Description

Energy Meridian Therapies such as Thought Field Therapy are very successful in removing “Emotional energy blocks”such as: Anger, anxiety, stress, panic attacks and depression, and most important, help you feel more positive, confident and better able to cope

Energy Psychology  is a collection of self-help techniques that address the mind-body connection.

These techniques involve acupressure and mental-emotional focus. Fundamentally, one taps lightly or touches specific points on the body’s energy pathways (called meridians) while focusing on an event or emotion.

TFT has been clinically effective in thousands of cases for Trauma & Abuse, Children’s Issues,and hundreds of physical symptoms including headaches, body pains, and breathing difficulties. Properly applied, over 80 percent achieve either noticeable improvement or complete cessation of the problem.

Increasingly, counselors and therapists are using these techniques in their psychotherapy sessions.




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