Haig Agigian, DSW, LCSW

Haig Agigian, DSW, LCSW

Full Description

Dr. Agigian has been a licensed clinical social worker (LCS3008), practicing in the San Francisco bay area, since 1969.

In addition to his use of TFT, Dr. Agigian has advanced training and experience with: (1) Couples and family therapy, (2) Cognitive-behavior therapy, including social skills training (e.g., assertiveness training) and (3) Problem-focused brief therapy.

Dr. Agigian has worked with clients in private practice and at the Veterans Administration (PTSD, substance abuse, severe mental disorders,couples and families), the State of California, Family Service Agency of San Mateo County and Family Service Agency of San Francisco.

Address: Haig Agigian, DSW, LCSW
424 63rd Street
Oakland, CA 94609
Phone: (510) 653-7596