Ildiko Scurr, BCMA reg, TFT-Adv, TFT Training Courses

Ildiko Scurr, BCMA reg, TFT-Adv, TFT Training Courses

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Ildiko Scurr, BCMA reg, member of AET TFT-Adv, Optimal Health Christchurch, England

Advanced Practitioner and Trainer

Member of ATFT, Member of AET, and Member of BCMA

Ildiko Scurr TFT Dx Adv is a leading Trainer and Practitioner in the UK in Thought Field Therapy (TFT). She is qualified at the Causal Diagnostics and Advanced Techniques level. She has been training professionals in all walks of life including the private Psychotherapy sector, the NHS, the media, legal services and human rights amongst others for several years. She trained with Clinical Psychologist Dr. Roger Callahan PhD the Founder of TFT and teaches the original energy psychology techniques discovered and developed by him over 30 years ago.

Quite simply, when I discovered the power of Thought Field Therapy nearly 10 years ago, it changed my life. It was a true epiphany. The reason that I believe so much in this therapy is that I see what it can do over and over again to free people from their pain and self-limiting behaviour. If you are ready to become the catalyst for that level of change in another person’s life, then the time is right for you to take the course with me.

As a Trainer I take my job very seriously. I am passing on powerful knowledge to you that you will then use to help others to feel better. As the Guardian of this knowledge, I have a duty to make sure that you leave my course competent and confident in the correct use of TFT so that you do a great job. This duty to you includes my passion, patience and commitment to deliver the course material in a clear and understandable way. I also believe that it is important for you to run a financially successful practice, so my course equips you with advice, guidance and a chance to explore the best ways of achieving this in a practical way. Visit my site and watch my video explaining more.

Training and Optimal Health

It is not enough that TFT is fast, effective and life-changing, it is possible to give treatment over the phone or via Skype. I am trained and qualified to deliver this service.

From running my own private practice I decided that I wanted to train other people to be able to use the powerful techniques of TFT. I trained with Dr. Roger Callahan PhD the Founder of Thought Field Therapy.

Please visit for  more information about my courses.

I am a full member of the Association of Thought Field Therapy (ATFT)

I regularly give talks and demonstrations of Thought Field Therapy. I also organise and run events introducing this wonderful therapy to the community. E-mail for more information.

My message to you is if you have tried everything else it is time to discover Thought Field Therapy. It has provided the answer for thousands of people including me, why not you?

My clinic is in Bournemouth but treatment is now internationally available over the phone or via Skype for emotional distress and self-limiting behaviour. If you cannot come to me because you live too far or are housebound, I offer TFT in the comfort of your own home or office.

Christchurch and Bournemouth area. Also Skype and phone sessions. England

07880 614052

Approved Algorithm Level Trainer

Level of TFT Training:
TFT Algorithm Levels I & II
TFT Diagnostic Levels A, B, C