Irene Cabay, TFT-DX- Cancelled

I live in Fort McMurray Canada and am a TFT-Dx practitioner. Instantly collapse negative emotion, trauma, stress and phobias.

Irene Cabay, TFT-DX- Cancelled

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I live in Fort McMurray Canada and am a TFT-Dx practitioner.

One of the most gratifying treatments I gave was to a total stranger in an airport while on holidays.  I met a lady who was lost and since our departure gates were near each other I offered to show her the way.  On the shuttle train she told me that she was terrified of flying.  I told her I could help her with that fear if she were willing to try a different kind of therapy.  When we got to her departure gate, they were almost ready to board.  She was terrified.  I talked and demonstrated the phobia algorithm with her.  When we were finished her eyes got real wide, she threw her arms around me and cried “It’s Gone!”  She practically danced onto the plane.

It can eliminate phobias  THAT fast!

In that instance, I knew what the issue was.  But that is not always the case, sometimes the issue is personal and private.  It doesn’t matter, the body will tell me how to treat it anyway.  You don’t have to worry about confidentiality.

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