Ivana Maria O’Brien TFT-Algo

Ivana Maria O'Brien TFT-Algo

Full Description

Ivana lives with her husband and three children in Surrey; she worked for many years in the City in finance but decided to change career direction when her children were born. She attended Canterbury Christchurch University and gained a Post Graduate Diploma in Information Advice and Counselling as well as the Diploma in Careers Guidance and subsequently worked as a Careers Advisor.

Over the past 12 years she has interviewed thousands of young people providing 1:1 careers advice and guidance, mentoring, counselling and coaching. She has also worked as a mediation project worker supporting families to enable young people to remain in the family home after a relationship breakdown.

It was her passion for wanting to see teenagers reach their true potential that led to her training to be a Master Neuro Linguistic Practitioner with the co-founder Dr Richard Bandler and Paul McKenna and Thought Field Therapy Diagnostic level Practitioner. She was also chosen to be an assistant several times on Paul Mackenna’s weight loss events.

“It used to really frustrate me when often teenagers as young as 14 would write themselves off as not being able to achieve their dreams in life, combining NLP and TFT as well as my training as a Careers Adviser has enabled me to achieve some amazing results during my interviews and why I love what I do so much”.

Ivana has created a Personal Development Programme which she is currently rolling out in schools. She divides her time between seeing private clients, delivering training to tutors and parents and working with teenagers. She also delivers training to ‘The Warrior Programme’ a charity established to support ex-servicemen.

In her spare time she enjoys eating out then burning it off by running several times a week!


Epsom Surrey UK