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Jacqueline Smillie TFT-ADV

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After college, Jacqueline Smillie surprised herself when she chose a career in alternative health care, an unusual endeavor for that time.* Over the last thirty-plus years she has moved fluidly from one form of healing to another letting her passion and interest guide her.

From 1980 to 1994, Jacqueline was certified in Hellerwork, a form of healing that evolved from Rolfing. Hellerwork emphasizes unlocking the emotional holding pattern in the body to feel free and move easily and upright, in alignment with gravity.

In 1994, following a remarkable recovery from severe, frequent migraines under Dr. Devi Nambudripad’s care, Jacqueline became a NAET** practitioner.  Jacqueline is certified in NAET and has presented case studies twice at the international NAET Symposiums, in California and Lyon, France.

In 2001 Jacqueline trained with Margaret Ayers, on her “All Digital, Real Time EEG Machine”.***Jacqueline uses two EEG machines in her office to help clients train their brains to better performance and has presented case studies many times at annual EEG Neurofeedback conferences.

This year, 2011, Jacqueline became certified in her newest passion, Thought Field Techniques. In Jacqueline’s experience, TFT is the fastest and most profound way to freeing a person from emotional traumas and fears. Jacqueline is certified at the Algorithm and Diagnostic levels and plans to become a TFT trainer in the coming year.

Jacqueline will be hosting a TFT BootCamp in Redlands, California:

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*In 1980 the AMA was still trying to ban chiropractic care, massage was only whispered about and was something nice people avoided, California had legalized acupuncture only five years earlier, and obesity was fifty percent less prevalent than today.

**www.naet.com NAET, or Nambudripad’s Allergy Elimination Techniques, uses an updated definition of allergy. An allergy is any thought or substance that disrupts your electrical-energetic systems, causing emotional or physical stress. NAET is based upon chiropractic and acupuncture energy flow charts.


****Roger Callahanm PhD created this modality thirty years ago.