Janelle Albritton, MPH, TFT-Algo

Janelle Albritton, MPH, TFT-Algo

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I help people define & live what quality of life means to them. A client is the only one who really knows knows how badly s/he feels, & when s/he feels better. This is why I rely on a client’s report on whether or not the problem is gone completely. TFT, a system developed by Roger Callahan, PhD, may be best described by quantum physics theories & beautifully demonstrates such phenomena as the “quantum leap.”

This means an excruciatingly painful emotion, craving, or perhaps even a serious physical condition like muscle spasms (a “10” on a 0 to 10-unit scale of discomfort) can completely vanish in an instant (i.e., drop to a “0”), without any sensation of gradual decrease in between. More typically, however, the relief comes in smaller leaps, such as from a 10 to a 7, to a 4, then to a 0.

By paying attention to the problem the client wishes to address, we tune into the thought field of that problem, & by tapping on key points in a particular order, we eliminate the part of those thoughts that is causing the distress. I don’t know exactly HOW it works. But I have experienced it many times personally, & I have witnessed it first-hand when others experienced it. The sense of relief can be overwhelming & awe-inspiring. It WORKS.

It is my privilege to relieve suffering in the world by bringing TFT to my expanding sphere of influence in New York City. I look forward to meeting you in person, in one of my Learning Annex classes starting this Spring, or on my radio talk show that will launch soon.