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Julie Cowley, TFT-ADV
12 Years of TFT

Full Description

IMG_7385-Version-2Passionate, inspired adventurer, wellbeing coach, musician, singer, traveler, feel good-er, yoga practitioner, meditator, and playful spirit. Over 7 years of experience in sales, marketing and operations with medium- to large-sized corporations. TFT-Advanced practitioner with over 15 years of experience successfully using TFT, personally and with clients. Holds an expanded awareness of how wellness “challenges” fit into the larger picture of life and uses intuition and TFT to assist one in aligning with greater and greater vitality, inner peace, and joy. Especially gifted at efficiently and lovingly helping people clear their blocks and trauma so they can know their intrinsic joy and experience greater peace-of-mind. With a commitment to helping people vibrationally align with their goals, Julie passionately delivers personal sessions, classes, and workshops to meet your needs and intentions and rekindle your sense of wonder and awe in the magic of life.

Some of the things Julie can work with you on are:

  • Trauma relief, including childhood trauma
  • Elimination of fears, anxiety and stress
  • Clearing limiting beliefs and aligning with affirmations
  • Reducing and eliminating anger, guilt, shame, grief
  • Overcoming procrastination
  • Eliminating cravings – food, drinking, cigarettes, etc.
  • Increasing creative flow
  • Aligning with your inner self
  • Weight loss
  • Loss of loved ones, painful breakups
  • Pet issues (dogs, cats, etc.)

If you’d like to learn more or schedule an appointment, please send me a message or visit me at TapIntoNow.com.

Sessions are typically done via Skype or phone (which is just as effective as in person and allows you to be anywhere in the world and work with Julie!)


“Your session had a big effect on the next day and still till today- forever. I was so surprised to find myself deeply calm and relaxed throughout all odds and situations. So peaceful, like I used to be before the trauma. That wonderful stillness.” – J., Bali

“My experience with Julie and Thought Field Therapy has been extraordinary and inspiring; allowing me to find peace and freedom from many hindering past traumas and introducing me to a path of healing for myself and others that is boundless. After only three sessions, each extremely powerful and effective individually, I was able to tap into, acknowledge, and heal multiple layers of events and emotions that had remained unresolved through countless traditional therapy visits, self-help books, and wayward soul searching. Julie combines her deep intuition, invaluable and comprehensive training, and open heart, to truly seek out what your particular needs are; leading you to discover your own blocks and releases.” – Sarah Crabtree, Denver, CO

“One session with Julie brought me from a contacted feeling of fear, stress and self doubt to an expansive state of love, self acceptance and abundance. I came to her struggling with some blocks to the level of financial freedom and abundance I truly desired in my life. The huge financial and lifestyle goals I had set for myself for the new year suddenly felt terrifying and far out of reach. Julie got right the root of my fears and lovingly guided me to a greater present moment awareness and bliss. She targeted my areas of resistance with laser focus and the fear, contraction and panic I was feeling dissolved within 30 minutes. I felt the tightness in my chest and the voices of self doubt melt away and make way for an empowered, confidant, trusting feeling of relaxation and acceptance. Her session broke down my barriers to abundance and really brought me into my natural flow and my knowledge that I can achieve all my desires with ease.  She brought me back into a state of trusting myself and trusting the universe. Julie is a gifted therapist, healer and TFT practitioner. She has a powerful intuition and an innate ability to identify and dissolve any blocks I have towards becoming my best self in all areas of my life.  I will continue to work with her in any areas where I feel resistance to growth, progress and abundance.” – Heather Hobbs, Wellness & Lifestyle Coach, Laguna Beach, CA & Bali, Indonesia

“Thank you for the awesome Thought Field Therapy session today! I will be sure to have you do it again! You have a gift!” – Thierry Maurrel, Ayurvedic Chef, Massage Therapist, Musician, San Diego, CA

“Wow. I’m not sure I can tell you how much better my body feels; I’m much more calm and quiet in my mind, and I slept really well! I’m tapping in my car and tapping at work, it just feels like the right thing to do. Thank you so much for helping me out and teaching me. I really look forward to learning more and getting into TFT work.” – Josh Kendall, Golf Pro, Encinitas, CA

“It has been really great working with Julie. As a result I have been feeling an overall positive shift and I know I’m moving in a great direction. TFT is one of the most effective things I’ve done to experience such a positive shift and I highly recommend it. I’m very grateful for having been able to work with Julie and the results I’ve experienced so far.” – Angelo Falcone, Bartender, New Jersey










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