Julie Cowley, TFT-ADV

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Julie Cowley, TFT-ADV
15 Years of TFT

Full Description

Julie Cowley is a TFT-ADV (Advanced) Practitioner and Synchronicity High-Tech Meditation and Holistic Lifestyle Teacher. She is the founder of Tap Into Now and volunteers at the Sanctuary Retreat Center in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia. She has been meditating and studying spiritual wisdom for many years and supports others in conscious living.

Julie assists people from all over the world in overcoming limiting beliefs, self-doubt, fear, anxiety, and other challenges that block them from experiencing joy, inner fulfillment and peace.

In her mid-20’s, Julie suffered from severe anxiety and panic attacks. Thought Field Therapy was one of the main healing methods she used to overcome this. Her mother, Dr. Mary Cowley, had recently learned the most advanced level of TFT from its founder, Dr. Roger Callahan. Dr. Cowley was extremely impressed with how fast TFT worked to resolve mental and emotional issues – much faster than the traditional methods of psychology she was trained in – and gladly helped her daughter with it. Julie was also fortunate to receive private sessions with Dr. Callahan.

With the help of Tapping, Julie was able to heal the past traumas and other root causes that were triggering the overwhelming stress, anxiety, and fear she was experiencing. This helped lay the foundation for the inner work and meditation that continues to contribute to her awareness, peace and intuition.

The gift of overcoming stress and anxiety with Tapping inspired Julie to become an advanced practitioner to help others. With her expertise as a TFT practitioner, and her years of living and embodying a meditative, holistic lifestyle, she has much to offer.




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