Justin Donne TFT-Adv


Justin Donne TFT-Adv

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My career began as a professional actor in Hollywood working television commercials, music videos, TV, and got so far as a feature film, before transitioning into general management and consulting for the world’s top stunt coordinator and television director. I oversaw the holding company for years, instigating the profitable operation of a production company, Vegas night club, and working household. Then I snuck into Walt Disney Parks & Resorts in operations management consulting, in retail Store Operations at The Disneyland Resort in California before transferring to Park Operations at Disneyland Resort Paris. My paternal grandfather served in British Military Intelligence, hence the English heritage, my mother being French.

I’ve been using Callahan Techniques Thought Field Therapy for about a decade on myself after reading Tapping The Healer Within. Having heard about the tremendous success of Voice Technology, and after miraculous wins receiving it, I was determined to learn this. The opportunity came up with Optimal Health. Joanne Callahan is the best teacher/instructor one could hope for, and now that I’m trained to TFT-Adv level, I’ve already helped 8 people and 2 animals, myself included; in less than a week! I’m eager to help more people using Voice Technology.

Please connect with me on LinkedIn if you’d like my help.