Karen Blake TFT-Dx

Karen Blake TFT-Dx

Full Description

Thought Field Therapy {TFT} =Tapping, nature’s code to unlock the blockages in your energy field which are preventing you from feeling the benefit of optimum health.

Usually in 1 session I can assist clients by them tapping on various meridian points on the body to rid themselves of serious phobias and aliments which are preventing them from living life to its full potential. It doesn’t matter if you have been in therapy for years with a psychological or physical problem without much success in the normal therapy routes available to you, I can help you, it might take a couple of sessions depending on your own particular needs, this will be assessed and told to you before commencing your treatment with me.

I am trained in Dr Callahan’s Techniques to the diagnostic level and therefore I am able to diagnose and treat your particular problem, specifically for you.

Telephone the information line on 0800 092 4632 or 07796 652 456