Kirsten Charlebois, TFT-Adv

Located in Ymir, BC Canada

Kirsten Charlebois, TFT-Adv

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Kirsten Charlebois, TFT-Adv I live in Ymir, BC Canada and am a TFT-Adv practitioner. Energy Meridian Therapies such as Thought Field Therapy are very successful in removing “Emotional energy blocks”such as: anger, anxiety, stress, panic attacks and depression, and most important, help you feel more positive, confident and better able to cope. This is a non-invasive therapy technique. Confidential diagnostics – you don’t have to tell me what your issue is, your body will simply show me how to treat it. I can treat via Skype and I do take PayPal payments.

My life’s passion has been to help people.  Thought Field Therapy (TFT) has enabled me to do this.  Witnessing the remarkable recoveries from my clients and me personally has continued to fuel my passion.  Over the years I have watched lives change, from stopping nightmares to life limiting phobias and fears all melt away, leaving them free and light hearted. I have seen these live changes happen in just a half hour of therapy, from pain and hopelessness to joy and freedom as their deep emotional pain that has held them captive for years simply fall away.  I work with infants, children, adults and some animals. Seeing is believing and that is why this is what motivates me every day and fuels my passion and excitement for Thought Field Therapy.

My training includes:
Thought Field Therapy TFT-Adv
Quantum Touch
Life Coaching
Aromatherapy and Essential Oils

Under the Willow
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