Liliane Clavel Pardo – TFT-Adv

PHD –  Psychoenergetic Thérapist

Liliane Clavel Pardo - TFT-Adv

Full Description

Specialist in TFT, EFT, hypnosis, and decoding of automatic mechanisms, I take you to the heart of human psychology and unconscious patterns.

I accompany you to find meaning in your daily life, thanks to many tools,  TFT, EFT, AIT, NLP, hypnosis, psychology of change, coaching, provocative therapy, pedagogy, energy medicine… to help you create a real renewal in your life…

Because don’t forget the most important thing: Anything is possible, especially the Best!

Certifications and trainings:

  • EFT Master Practitioner according to Jean Michel Gurret, IFPEC
  • Matrix reeimprinting according to Karl Dawson, with Marion Blique
  • TFT – Thought Field Therapy – Joanne Callahan – – TFT Advanced Practitioner – Optimal Health
  • AIT – Advanced Integrative Therapy Practitioner – Asha Clinton Advanced Integrative Therapy Institute
  • Master Practitioner in ericksonian hypnosis and direct, conversational, neuro-hypnosis, spiritual hypnosis, according to Psynasia.
  • Access Bars – Gary Douglas
  • NLP Master Practitioner, according to MDH-EFC
  • Singular mediation, according to the methodology of Dominique Lecoq, CNAM
  • Resolution coaching, according to Olivier Devillard, IFOD
  • Systemic and brief therapies according to François Balta
  • Talentoday Certified Consultant, personality test platform
  • Master II in Management Sciences, Management, specialty: Consulting in Organization and Change Management, International Institute of Management
  • Diploma from the Technical Institute of Banking, ITB, + ITM, CFPB.  Master II in Financial Mathematics, CFPB
  • Master II in Exhibition Sciences and Techniques, Sorbonne
  • Master in Energy Psychology, IFPEC, ACEP
  • Ph.D. Art History, Expressionism, Creativity and Emotional Expression and Political Prohibition, Sorbonne

For the needs of my holistic and integrated method of accompaniment, I have been trained in subjects such as micro-nutrition, naturotherapy, phytotherapy, aromatherapy, and epigenetics.

I am a member of ACEP (Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology) and the IFPEC (French Institute of Clinical Energetic Psychology)

Liliane Clavel Pardo
PHD –  Psychoenergetic Thérapist
TFT Practitioner

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