Maria Milone, TFT-Alg, TFT-Dx

Maria Milone, TFT-Alg, TFT-Dx

Full Description

Maria Milone, Trained in TFT-Alg and TFT-Dx

Since Maria’s discovery of Radical Forgiveness in 2002, her life has been transformed, giving her a greater understanding and appreciation of herself, people and life events. Radical Forgiveness is instrumental in Maria’s life in attaining peace, better health, emotional freedom and self-empowerment. It is little wonder then that Maria is passionate about raising awareness of Radical Forgiveness and teaching the powerful and empowering self-help tools to others through her coaching sessions, the Radical Forgiveness Ceremony and classes.

She is committed to helping humanity to move beyond its pain and limiting beliefs.

Maria is also a certified Reiki Master, Reconnective Healing Practitioner and Thought Field Therapy Practitioner.