Marie Slottow, TFT-ADV, Bio-Energy Health Practitioner

Marie Slottow, TFT-ADV, Bio-Energy Health Practitioner

Full Description

Marie is trained in TFT- Algo, TFT- Causal Diagnosis and TFT-Optimal Health. Marie’s mission through her healing practice is to help individuals reconnect with their inherent Wisdom and Inner Peace so they can access their full potential for achieving optimal health and well-being in life. Marie accomplishes this through the holistic approach of using energy-based modalities to revitalize and balance the body’s subtle energies that connect mind, body and spirit. Marie is also a certified practitioner of Eden Energy Medicine Practitioner, Reconnective HealingĀ®, Law of Attraction, Emotional Freedom Techniques and Matrix Reimprinting using EFT. Marie’s work has helped clients to handle stress better, to think more clearly, to feel more centered, to overcome chronic health issues and to become more resilient to illness and disease.

“True healing is a return to balance, not just the absence of illness or disease.” ~ Many Wise Healers:)

Marie studied Thought Field Therapy with Joanne Callahan and is trained to the highest level of TFT, including testing and treatment for Individualized Energy Toxins and Voice Technology Techniques. Level of TFT Training:  TFT Algorithm Level TFT Diagnostic Level TFT Optimal Health.

She helps clients overcome: – Stress and Anxiety – Chronic Pain – Phobias – Limiting Beliefs and/or mental blocks to peak performance in sports and the performing arts.

Marie tailors her healing sessions to best support the client in their healing process by using a blend of healing modalities/techniques mentioned. Her sessions aim to empower each individual in their healing process by teaching the client self-help TFT and EFT techniques, as well as, energy exercises that help promote and maintain a robust energy system.

Marie offers support and guidance to her clients.  It is her great joy to help her clients reconnect with the pure positive energy that is their true nature and be witness to their manifestations of life harmony, joy, abundance, optimal health and well-being. Member of: Association for Thought Field Therapy (ATFT) in USA , and the Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology (ACEP) To contact us, email or call 734-719-1045.