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Ngub Nding TFT-Adv

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Early in life, Ngub Nding developed a passion for both Science and Holistic Healing. After fifteen years of research and development for the Pharmaceutical and Cosmetic Industries, his encounter with Joanne and Roger Callahan led him to chose, to dedicate his professional life to apply, teach and research TFT.

Although he dedicated the last twenty five years learning, researching and practicing different energetic modalities (from martial arts, Taoism, kinesiology, reflexology, phytotherapy, …) Ngub Nding found in the efficiency, the simplicity and practicality of TFT an ideal bridge between Modern Science and Ancient Traditions Knowledge.

Trained at the Advanced level Ngub Nding is the lead French trainer at the Bootcamp level.

Beyond therapy, private and group sessions of Coaching, Training and general Psychological and Energetic Management are specifically designed to help you:

–    Identify and Clarify optimal goals in any area of life

–    Get rid of any block to reaching your full potential

–    Recognize and Develop the awareness of your Perfect Balance State, your optimal mind set for Thriving.

A free fifteen minutes evaluation/counseling session is offered to every new client.

Ngub Nding
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+33 661418506