Oob Nding, TFT-Adv

TFT Foundation Director

Oob Nding, TFT-Adv

Full Description

Oob’s life and career have taken him to very diverse environments over the past 15 years. He is a mechanical and industrial engineer by background, with an international experience delivering major capital investment industrial projects, most of which for one of the most recognized brands in the energy sector worldwide. Born and raised the first 15 years of his life in Gabon (central western Africa), Oob has lived and worked in France for over 15 years. After 5 years back in Gabon jump starting his current career, Oob moved to The Netherlands and later on to Alberta, Canada where he currently lives with his wife Sonia and their two young children.

With over 15 years of an international corporate career over 3 continents – at a rather competitive level – Oob has encountered multiple facets of trauma, anxiety, stress and more in the business environment. Not only has he lived these personally, he has helped countless numbers of colleagues through the same over the years. These past few years, it has become obvious to him that individuals performance at all levels of business organizations can greatly benefit from the power of TFT.

Oob is very much looking forward to applying this focus going forward, to help develop and promote business clients studies, wellness programs, and other opportunities yet to be devised. With an understanding that these business organizations also typically have well structured non-profit funding practices, Oob is looking forward to developing strategies to bring the TFT Foundation to these corporation’s awareness. Furthermore, after a very heart-warming experience in Uganda in January 2014 on a mission with TFT Foundation UK, Oob is looking forward to opportunities to further engage with future trauma relief missions worldwide.”