PJ Zaramskas – TFT ADV


PJ Zaramskas - TFT ADV

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My name is PJ Zaramskas. I’m a California based licensed acupuncturist. I’ve been in practice for 19 years. Prior to acupuncture school, I completed a three year certificate program in homeopathy.

Once in practice, I learned there are many ways to help people effectively and I set out to learn as much as I could. I trained in coaching people, and have been doing this since before it was very much of a popular specialty. I am also trained in NLP, CBT, Matrix Reimprinting, Mindfulness and am a Reiki Master.

I practice holistic nutrition, which is part of my acupuncture training and license, though I have trained an additional 300 hours. I also practice NRT-Nutrition Response Testing.

My favorite method for helping people create change in their lives is TFT-Thought Field Therapy. This system is simple and effective and I’ve witnessed people create their own miracles. It has been an honor to be just a small part of their process.

If you think I can help you create something better, something different, a positive change in your life, I hope you’ll reach out to me and give us that chance.

I’m an Advanced TFT practitioner and my website is: coachinginternational.co and you can message me there, or I would welcome a direct email at the best way to reach me: PJ@coachinginternational.co

My phone number if you prefer is 530 402 7937.

Whatever you choose to do, I wish you everything good!

PJ Zaramskas


530 402 7937