Rami Singh, TFT-Adv Optimal Health VT Techniques

Rami specialises in Energy Medicine for all physical, emotional, psychological issues.

Rami Singh, TFT-Adv Optimal Health VT Techniques

Full Description

Rami Singh, BA, TFT-Adv Optimal health, AK, ITEC, SRT, SpR, Dip Couns, Dip Hyp, BCMA – London, UK

Rami is a qualified therapist using a number of pioneering techniques for over 10 years.

Rami through extensive training has attained a broad background in physical, energetic and spiritual healing and has developed a deep level of devotion and understanding in the field of energetic healing and how it relates to the body, mind and spirit.

Rami is passionate about Energy medicine and after her own healing journey from chronic back ache, allergies, etc. has been raising peoples awareness to how energy heals.

Rami studied TFT -VT techniques from Dr Roger Callahan in 2008.

Rami is a certified Counsellor, Kinesiologist, Sound Therapist, Life Coach, does Soul Clearings, Spiritual Restructuring. She is also a Reiki Master & Teacher of Usui Lineage, Karuna and Tera Mai Lineage and Seichem Master & Teacher of Tera Mai Lineage.  She has trained with many energy healers and masters in Japan, UK, USA, Canada and India.

Rami uses a blend of therapies to help her clients successfully overcome issues on physical, emotional and psychological levels. She specialises in helping people overcome blocks and negativity which prevent them from living the life they desire.

Rami works with private and corporate clients and runs Courses and workshops on various subjects.

She specialises in helping children and adults overcome: 

– Pain

– Truma

– Addictive urges (such as binge eating, spending)

– Depression

– Panic attacks

– Fears and phobias (fear of public speaking, animals, driving, etc)


– Soul Clearings

– Relationship problems with spouse or children

Rami works in a personalised manner, tailoring her approach to best suit the individual’s needs and personality.

Member of: 

British Complementary Medicine Association (BCMA),

Association for Thought Field Therapy (ATFT) in USA

Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology (ACEP)

British Thought Field Therapy Association (BTFTA)

Spirit Release Foundation UK

Spiritual Response Therapy Association USA and UK


“Thank you. I’m so much better now, that horrible feeling in my gut has gone away. This has been the weirdest thing I have experienced. I have tried to tell people about it but they are so sceptical they cannot believe that all that negative feeling literally leaves your body.” 


“I no longer feel abandoned. thank you for all the time and support you have given me. I am confident and secure in myself.” 

Sandip A 

“What did this little girl do. My back pain has gone in one session. It was troubling me for 8 years. You’ve achieved what no-one else has been able to. I can’t thank you enough.” 

DR (a police officer) 

“Exceptional work – my life is so different. Never had epilepsy attack after two sessions. I don’t even have to take medication. It has been 6 years since my treatment” 

Julie A 



City of Westminster, London, UK


City of Westminster, London, UK, SW7 2AW