Rasa Zidoniene

Russian, Lithuanian or English speaking.

Rasa Zidoniene

Full Description

I am with Thought Field Therapy as of 2014. I got my TFT-Adv. certificate in UK in April, 2015.

I appreciate this technique for all that it gave to me personally and what I witnessed with my clients. Can’t say enough how powerful it is. I love how it blends with my innate powerful desire of independence. Having this technique as a tool, all is possible.

I have started  with Emotional Freedom Technique many years ago but wasn’t able to achieve desirable results  until I learned TFT. Now I love to be at service and help those in need but I am happiest if they eventually learn to help themselves.

Along with TFT I work with aromatherapy and I Ching systems.

I consult in Lithuanian, Russian and English in person via phone or Skype.

Phone +370 686 50500
e-mail: rasa@adsensum.lt
Kaunas, Lithuania