Renee Ebraheem, TFT-Dx

Depression, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Anxiety, Obsession, Addictions, Pain Management

Renee Ebraheem, TFT-Dx

Full Description

I am a Certified TFT DX Practitioner in Kuwait.

Thought Field Therapy is a natural way to balance your system so it’s able to heal itself; and it’s amazing how quickly it works to give relief and admonish PTSD, depression, anxiety, trauma, pain management,  obsessions and addictions.   I am also trained to pinpoint and eliminate energy toxins that may be interfering with treatment.

In addition, TFT is useful for those needing to get beyond the ‘plateau’ of dieting, sports and work related issues.  TFT is universally used by the Military, Professional Businessmen, Professional Athletes with much more success and long lasting (or everlasting!) results than traditional treatments.

A crucial element in the use of TFT has been helping victims in areas of the world where people have been traumatized by natural disaster, war and also to victims of crimes.  The success rates of TFT speaks for itself.

Everything is Energy, as is your own body, so give it a chance to heal by using TFT.

You can reach me at or by calling (965) 9004-0768 for an appointment.