Chris Puddy – TFT DX

Past life trauma or other issues resolved after accessing Akashic records.

Chris Puddy - TFT DX

Full Description

The Akashic records are a record of everything that has happened in the Universe from planetary to individual level.  With the permission of the client, I can ask to access these records, and if the information it needed, and it passed on, quite often issues that were founded in a past life may surface.   This can bring great relief and understanding.  And if there is grief, or trauma, or some other issue that surfaces, this can be dealt with using TFT to great effect.

So for example, I had a client who used to freak out when going up a steep hill in a car.  We found that she fell backwards off a horse that reared up, and died from a head wound.   With this understanding on its own there was healing.  This healing was cemented very quickly using TFT.