Robert Bray, PhD, LCSW, CTS, TFT-VT

Robert Bray, PhD, LCSW, CTS, TFT-VT
TFT Trainer

Full Description

Dr. Robert L Bray’s 30 plus years of experiences and extensive knowledge combined with the Thought Field Therapy Techniques will help:

* Identify a specific problem
* Counseling through a crisis
* Resolving couples and family conflicts
* Treating in-depth psychological conditions

Using Thought Field Therapy, Dr. Bray works together with you to address your immediate needs as you move towards the changes you desire.

* Rest Comfortably
* Go Anywhere in Public
* Be with People safely
* Control what you eat, drink, and do
* Share your memories and life’s story as you desire
* Move forward in the life you choose
* Improve performance in all aspects of your life

Thought Field Therapy and the NOW Recovery Model is safe and effective 

* No Drugs
* No reliving your history, over and over
* No Denying reality
* No need to change your beliefs or values

Speaking / Training 

Committed to Ending Needless Suffering and living a life of health, love, and joy for everyone Dr. Bray shares his knowledge and skills as a speaker, workshop leader, and trainer. Dr. Bray is an expert on traumatic stress recovery, Thought Field Therapy, and Making your life better with presentations, workshops, and trainings for small groups and large meetings.

The NOW Workshop

For less than the price of one therapy session, you can spend a whole day making yourself better! Increase your knowledge of traumatic stress, identify the sources of overwhelming pains and upsets, learn the skills to eliminate emotional blocks that keep you from growing, grieving, and making choices in your life. Develop a plan for full recovery from traumatic stress for yourself or a loved one.

The NOW Model of Traumatic Stress Recovery is a map to: 

* Navigate the common symptoms of traumatic stress
* Observe and understand what has happened to you.
* Work your life choices with integrity.

Approved Algorithm Level Trainer 

Level of TFT Training:
TFT Diagnostic Levels A,B.C
TFT Advanced Toxins I & II and HRV I & II

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San Diego, California


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