Sonya Daniels TFT-Algo, ACHE

Sonya Daniels TFT-Algo, ACHE

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Trained in TFT algorithms and hypnotherapy.

I also practise Thought Field Therapy, sometimes known as TFT or the tapping therapy, which uses the acupuncture meridian points. The individual taps themselves, with their fingers, in a precise sequence whilst focusing on their negative emotional problem. This tapping breaks the connection in the body between triggering the negative thoughts and the emotional response. Some of you will have seen Paul McKenna using this therapy on television. Most people notice an immediate and dramatic improvement.

The ability of clients to be hypnotised varies and sometimes requires a few sessions for the trust and rapport between the therapist and the client to be most effective, but it will work if the client really wants to change their behavioural habit or addiction.

Some of the most common problems that both Hypnosis and Thought Field Therapy have treated successfully are fear of flying, fear of spiders and of dogs. It can help with IBS, stopping smoking, and can even help with dieting. Both of the therapies remove the negative feelings and emotions associated with the phobias, stress and anxiety and replace them with constructive and positive thoughts and emotions.

People with personality disorders, psychosis and certain neurological disorders such as epilepsy should avoid hypnotherapy as there is some evidence to suggest that it can precipitate episodes of these disorders

I usually see my clients for up to six sessions for each particular problem. After a hypnotic session most people comment on how fast the time has gone and how good they are feeling. They come out saying how much lighter they feel in themselves and also how often a chronic pain feels a lot easier.

I work from home in Pinner and have been practising both Hypnotherapy and Thought Field Therapy for a couple of years. I use both therapies with my clients as they complement each other.

Clients often choose me expressly because I am a Jewish therapist. This is because they know that I will understand the Jewish way of life without them having to explain it. I am very discreet and, living in Pinner, I don’t necessarily mix in the same circles as my clients.

Phone 0208 429 2305
Business Hours 9.30am – 4.00pm