Steve Ryan TFT-Algo

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Steve Ryan TFT-Algo

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TFT PTSD Specialist

I use Thought Field Therapy to have you evolve from Victim to Survivor and ultimately to Prevail over your Trauma.

No matter how long ago you experienced your traumatic event(s), TFT curtails your emotional upsets ie.(anger, rage,sadness,fear,guilt, etc.)

Intrusive thoughts will no longer plague your emotions. Avoidance will no longer be your mantra. Hyper-Vigilance will decrease significantly. Sleep will become rest vs. restlessness.

I also treat all phobias. Fear of flying, heights, insects, public speaking etc. GONE. Going to the dentist/doctor will be like a walk in the park.

Now is Your Time! TFT is “The Miracle” to a Balanced and Healthy Life, so implies Jack Canfield, author of Chicken Soup for the Soul series. What takes talk therapy two years to accomplish, TFT does in days. The Most Cost Effective!!!

The Least Intrusive!!!! Not Harmful!!!!! MOST IMPORTANTLY YOU BECOME YOUR OWN COUNSELOR!!!!!!!!!!








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