Terri Smith – TFT-Dx

Terri Smith - TFT-Dx

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Terri Smith’s transformative journey began in 2006 when she struggled with chronic stress, asthma, sinus infections, back pain, allergies and degenerative disc disease. She could not change the root cause of her ailments but learned how to respond differently through practicing and teaching TFT Tapping, Energy Medicine Yoga (EMYoga), Qigong and Tai Chi Easy™.

She is grateful to have learned that traumas and chronic health conditions do NOT have to defeat us. There is always hope when we activate our qi (energy) and connect with what she calls true internal medicine. Terri was inspired by the benefits she received so she started her own business, Peaceful Heart Yoga, to share these practices with others via online weekly classes and a membership program. She also conducts private lessons and customized TFT tapping sessions to help others release negative experiences without reliving them, correct psychological reversals and eliminate individual energy toxins for enhanced health and happiness.  As a mother of three, trauma survivor, and main caregiver for daughter with special needs, inclusivity and accessibility is central to all of Terri’s teachings. For more information and list of certifications, see https://peacefulheartyoga.net/ .

Email: peacefulheartyogaclasses@gmail.com

Cell: 410-294-9997
Westminster, MD