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Terrye Meiklejohn

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I have worked with adults on Stress, Depression, Pain, Mental Blocks on learning, Sadness, Pending Childbirth Stress, Fear, Lost love, so much more. Also with children as young as 3 years- for this little one it was for fear of flying back to Europe, as she was sick on the way to Australia on the flight, it was a great success.

Acupuncturists use meridian lines with their needles TFT practitioners use these same meridian lines with the soft tip of our fingers. With astoundingly positive results.

You will also find that TFT will aid you in achieving an improved out look on your life and your experiences.

TFT allows you to look at memories of a hurtful nature without the previous pain attached.

I am here to answer any questions you may have on TFT just email me 🙂

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Terrye Meiklejohn

Queensland, Australia