Valerie Chater B.Ed; ITEC; DipEASS; TFT-Adv

Valerie Chater B.Ed; ITEC; DipEASS; TFT-Adv

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Our thoughts create our beliefs, our beliefs create our habits; our habits, beliefs and thoughts create our lives.

Many of our thoughts are needless worries- mental clutter.

You will be shown how to let go of such “baggage”.

It is possible to unblock yourself and remove any doubts, fears, angst or tension and emotional pain/distress by tapping on certain acupressure points.

Lightening yourself up in this way makes it easier for you to focus on creating what you do want.

Testimonial from client Martina King:

“How do you do it, why does it work? All I know is this; following a couple of sessions with you my claustrophobia has reduced dramatically.

For many years I would take any route to avoid travelling on the tube and as I am in London for work many days each week, walking is not the best solution to getting around town! Buses can take ages and taxis would end up being used far too often.

Flying caused even greater anxiety and most previous attempts to overcome my fear of flying did little to reduce my stress.

A couple of sessions with you have resulted in a number of benefits;

a) I can travel all over London by tube.
b) I have returned from a long haul holiday with no flying anxiety.
c) I have more money in my purse.

One side affect is that London Taxi driver’s are bemoaning the loss of my income!

Thank you so much for sorting out so simply and easily an issue that has troubled me for years, what an amazing skill you have!”