Warren Bell – TFT-Algo

Warren Bell - TFT-Algo

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Do You Want To Feel Better?

I can help you to feel better and give you a simple technique that you can use and feel better in a matter of minutes.

Iam a Registered Mental Health Nurse and have been working in this field for 15 years. I have worked with adults and children in various NHS and private hospitals and community teams. I added Thought Field Therapy to my practise when I discovered how powerful and effective TFT was in quickly relieving clients of emotional issues.

I am convinced beyond doubt that Thought Field Therapy can help people feel better in minutes and live a fuller, happier and more joyful life. I have witnessed profound changes that have left me in awe of Thought Field Therapy. It is my belief that investing in Thought Field Therapy will be the best investment a person could make.