Yoniray Doni, TFT-Adv

English & Spanish

Yoniray Doni, TFT-Adv

Full Description

I am a unique Advanced TFT-VT Practitioner (English & Spanish).

What I do is: I help people from all around the world and of any age to unlock the code to nature’s healing system. So they can Break free from the cycle of Self Sabotage that prevents them from getting what they want.

So, they can release their inner power to achieve their dreams, goals, and desires, whatever those are.

I have a vast working knowledge of multiple healthcare modalities and an understanding of the mind that brings to my sessions a unique perspective of TFT.

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LOCATION: Toronto, Canada.

Telegram User: OhYoniray
WhatsApp: +1 (647) 550-3226
Email: OhYoniray@gmail.com
Phone #: +1 (647) 550-3226


(647) 550-3226